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October 2016
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October 2016
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We end the trip in subtropical Queensland, hiking the eucalyptus forests of the Granite Belt southwest of Brisbane. Lots of rocks, which translated to lots of lizards. And our guide, Steve, knew every one of them personally.      Water coursing over granite sheets left behind puddles in potholes, where a whole assortment of herps would hang out.       This pothole held an impressive surprise.        At night we would go shining for geckos.   These were just so cool. Really big geckos that hide in crevices during the day and emerge on the granite boulders to feed at night, occasionally descending to the ground.  They blend in perfectly, only given away by the reflection of their orange eyeshine.  Pointy tails are the originals, while the broad ones are regenerated tails.         
Common Nobbi Dragon Diporiphora nobbi
White’s Skink Egernia whitii
Dark Bar-sided Skink Concinnia martini
Lesueur's Velvet Gecko Amalosia lesueurii
Bynoe’s Gecko Heteronotia binoei
Eastern Water Skink Eulamprus quoyii
Jacky Dragon Amphibolurus muricatus
Clicking Froglet Crinia signifera
Red-bellied Black Snake Pseudechis porphyriacus
Granite Belt Thick-tailed Gecko Uvidicolus sphyrurus
Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko Oedura tryoni
Granite Belt Leaf-tailed Gecko Saltuarius wyberba